Monday, December 30, 2013

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I've been obsessed with sewing for the last few months.  I had a HUGE list of projects to finish for Christmas, and I sort of just started with the most pressing, what I had materials for, what I was most excited to do, and worked on from there...

Here's my Holiday 2013 Sewing List

Bookmarks for Grandpa in custom shapes - check
Coffee Cozies for man and woman - check
Purse for woman exchange  - Instead, I found a really cool pouch made of all zipper at a local shop... very worth the cross off.
New stockings for the kiddos - check.  See more below!
Apron for daughter - check.  Later than Christmas, but a fun project and she helped design it.
Superhero cape for son - still on the list...
Three NICU donation snuggle flannel blankets - check
Juliet Capalet for daughter - check!  She didn't wear it at Christmas but loves to play in it.
Berkshire Blazer for son - check!  SO ADORABLE, but a little too small for him... still a fun project and a good Etsy sell or donation to someone.

I'm pretty sure a few more items were nixed, but since I can't remember them now, I guess they weren't that important!

Pictures to share :)

If I were a pro blogger, I would have taken pictures of the inspiration stocking from the magazine cover, and my daughter's drawings that led the design of these.  Also, she picked the colors for her bunny including the dazzling sparkly black eyes... :)

He never wore this but it is SO CUTE.  I hope someone will!

Liv loves to play in this capelet.  It's a full skirt on her shoulders, and in the velour and soft courderoy, it swings so beautifully!

Liv wanted a cupcake apron.  She picked the main print, and I picked the accent fabrics and invented the pattern.  I wanted ruffles... If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't gather the skirt.  Since you're sewists, I should also mention that this is all double-sided... two layers on the bib and the skirt so that it feels heavy and will wash and wear well.
I have pictures of the bookmarks and blankets, but those are on my ipod still... I'll have to fuss to get them here... so that just leaves a reason to come back and post a little more later :)!

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saturday Sewing

Saturday Sewing WIP Updates... and Holiday Gift Beginnings!

I love this time of year - imagining the kiddos at Christmas and thinking through all of the happy home things that make the holidays special is just a fun treat!

The Winter Wonderland set is on its way... Are you familiar with "See Kate Sew" and "Pattern Anthology"?  AMAZING CLOTHES and beautiful things each and every post.  The last few weeks, various bloggers have been showcasing clothes made from the patterns, and I decided to outfit my kids in it for Christmas if possible... beats shopping!  For Dayne, the Berkshire Blazer and Tree Climber Trousers.  Liv will get a Capulet, a dress... with long sleeves... so I'll have to alter something.  Probably high hopes, but there's still plenty of time to dream.

Winter Wonderland PDF Sewing Pattern Collection for boys and girls by Pattern Anthology

And now... project updates

T-shirt dress... bought thread for top stitching yesterday! :)  Now, affix flower, add stem and leaves, and top stitch cuffs and neck.  Last, hem.

Block of the Week... cut my srtips, little blocks, and the put together 16 little flying geese.  The block isn't done yet!

Holiday Gift Sewing is on the way!

My husband's grandpa is chair-bound, can't really talk anymore, and spends a lot of time watching TV and reading.  For him,  I thought some fabric book marks... 

I cut strips thinking plain rectangles...

but then I realized... SHAPES would be way cooler.  This brown fabric screamed "necktie," so why not oblige?

Next, I made a lighthouse (reminded me of a wood one he made for the lake), bat (huge Twins fan), antique wood plane (his hobby was antique tools), and a house (he owned a home-building business) and I intend to add the names of his kids and grandkids... probably fabric marker mostly and a little quilting.

Here's my fabric poker...  It was from a kids' scraping art kit.  I stole it!  HA HA!

Here they are waiting for stitching... and one with the quilting done

Last, I'm making quilts to give to a NICU Unit.  I'll look up the blogger I'm planning to send them to later... but I was hoarding enough cozy flannel to make three to fit the beds...  So far, I cut them, sewed around the edge, turned them, and ironed them.  They need a personal touch before they go anywhere... that's the next job...

Happy Holiday Crafting!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sew Much Ado's We Finished Wednesday!

Today I'm linking into Sew Much Ado's: We Finished Wednesday!


PROJECT 1:  Sew Lux Fabrics Mystery Quilt Kit Week 2 Block... Spools ... and my Week 1 now-ironed Stars :) 

Loving this cute kit!
Week three is in my email box... stay tuned

PROJECT 2:  I made this sweet little rose...  (instructions in the previous blog post)
to go on a long-sleeved t-shirt dress that I'm making for my daughter...  

Next, I need to get out and buy some matching thread for top stitching, hemming, and applique-ing my flower on... (terrible... a trip to the fabric store!  I know! :)!!)

I like the informal-ness of this and the little cuff, and I'm in love with the rich winter-ish color. Plus, I already had to bribe it off of her once unfinished, so it must be comfy.  It's on the way...

Here's a sneak peek:

Let me know if you'd like to know more about any of these projects!  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Here we go! 

I'm addicted to blog-reading.  
Sewing blog-reading, specifically.

I love looking at the pictures of projects... beautiful things that people whip up using nothing but whatever material they have on hand (usually luscious) and tA 
Today, I discovered that if I want to "link up," my own projects, I need a blog... so

ready or not, I'm jumping in!

Quick about-me...

I'm a music teacher, zumba addict, mother of two, and am generally pretty busy... but some projects call to me... scream "sew me!"   Thus, I'm the new owner of this blog, SewMes.

Here are the SewMe projects that I've got going on now: :) !!!

PROJECT 1: Twisted Rose for a t-shirt dress I'm making for my daughter.  

Easy to make!  ... if you are a hair-twister like I was, it will be a cinch!

  • Sew together fabric in a 2 1/2 inch wide long strip (I'd say that mine was about 6 feet long)  As I put my fabrics together, I tried to connect "like" fabrics to one another, and I just randomly decided how long each strip should be.
  • Fold right sides together, and straight stitch to create a very long tube.
  • Use a safety pin stuck in one end, and enjoy a little tv with your husband as you turn the tube right side out.
  • twist, swirl, and spiral the fabric keeping it tight, and pinning as you go
  • Hand sew the flower together... a thimble not only makes you feel like your grandma in a nice, nostalgic way, it helps the needle get through about four spiral layers at a time.
I linked this project up to ... kinda fun to link up!

PROJECT 2:  I was sewing up these stars... part of a weekly sew-along from Sew Lux Fabrics... (totally fun, easy, and love the fabric in the kit I ordered)
and my daughter wanted to piece something together for her, so I didn't quite get these pressed, but...

PROJECT 3 was born.
She wanted an owl, and so she chose the fabric, I cut the pieces, and then I let her sit on my lap and steer the straight lines

So, future posts... a tutorial for our little owl?  Whaddya say?