Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saturday Sewing

Saturday Sewing WIP Updates... and Holiday Gift Beginnings!

I love this time of year - imagining the kiddos at Christmas and thinking through all of the happy home things that make the holidays special is just a fun treat!

The Winter Wonderland set is on its way... Are you familiar with "See Kate Sew" and "Pattern Anthology"?  AMAZING CLOTHES and beautiful things each and every post.  The last few weeks, various bloggers have been showcasing clothes made from the patterns, and I decided to outfit my kids in it for Christmas if possible... beats shopping!  For Dayne, the Berkshire Blazer and Tree Climber Trousers.  Liv will get a Capulet, a dress... with long sleeves... so I'll have to alter something.  Probably high hopes, but there's still plenty of time to dream.

Winter Wonderland PDF Sewing Pattern Collection for boys and girls by Pattern Anthology

And now... project updates

T-shirt dress... bought thread for top stitching yesterday! :)  Now, affix flower, add stem and leaves, and top stitch cuffs and neck.  Last, hem.

Block of the Week... cut my srtips, little blocks, and the put together 16 little flying geese.  The block isn't done yet!

Holiday Gift Sewing is on the way!

My husband's grandpa is chair-bound, can't really talk anymore, and spends a lot of time watching TV and reading.  For him,  I thought some fabric book marks... 

I cut strips thinking plain rectangles...

but then I realized... SHAPES would be way cooler.  This brown fabric screamed "necktie," so why not oblige?

Next, I made a lighthouse (reminded me of a wood one he made for the lake), bat (huge Twins fan), antique wood plane (his hobby was antique tools), and a house (he owned a home-building business) and I intend to add the names of his kids and grandkids... probably fabric marker mostly and a little quilting.

Here's my fabric poker...  It was from a kids' scraping art kit.  I stole it!  HA HA!

Here they are waiting for stitching... and one with the quilting done

Last, I'm making quilts to give to a NICU Unit.  I'll look up the blogger I'm planning to send them to later... but I was hoarding enough cozy flannel to make three to fit the beds...  So far, I cut them, sewed around the edge, turned them, and ironed them.  They need a personal touch before they go anywhere... that's the next job...

Happy Holiday Crafting!!!

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