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I've been obsessed with sewing for the last few months.  I had a HUGE list of projects to finish for Christmas, and I sort of just started with the most pressing, what I had materials for, what I was most excited to do, and worked on from there...

Here's my Holiday 2013 Sewing List

Bookmarks for Grandpa in custom shapes - check
Coffee Cozies for man and woman - check
Purse for woman exchange  - Instead, I found a really cool pouch made of all zipper at a local shop... very worth the cross off.
New stockings for the kiddos - check.  See more below!
Apron for daughter - check.  Later than Christmas, but a fun project and she helped design it.
Superhero cape for son - still on the list...
Three NICU donation snuggle flannel blankets - check
Juliet Capalet for daughter - check!  She didn't wear it at Christmas but loves to play in it.
Berkshire Blazer for son - check!  SO ADORABLE, but a little too small for him... still a fun project and a good Etsy sell or donation to someone.

I'm pretty sure a few more items were nixed, but since I can't remember them now, I guess they weren't that important!

Pictures to share :)

If I were a pro blogger, I would have taken pictures of the inspiration stocking from the magazine cover, and my daughter's drawings that led the design of these.  Also, she picked the colors for her bunny including the dazzling sparkly black eyes... :)

He never wore this but it is SO CUTE.  I hope someone will!

Liv loves to play in this capelet.  It's a full skirt on her shoulders, and in the velour and soft courderoy, it swings so beautifully!

Liv wanted a cupcake apron.  She picked the main print, and I picked the accent fabrics and invented the pattern.  I wanted ruffles... If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't gather the skirt.  Since you're sewists, I should also mention that this is all double-sided... two layers on the bib and the skirt so that it feels heavy and will wash and wear well.
I have pictures of the bookmarks and blankets, but those are on my ipod still... I'll have to fuss to get them here... so that just leaves a reason to come back and post a little more later :)!

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