Friday, January 10, 2014

Littllest Thistle Finish Along Quarter 1

The Littlest Thistle is hosting a Quarterly Finish Along!

Perfect... a fun incentive to get some quilting in :) I can't wait...

My goal for this quarter is to finish my Block of the Week Mystery Kit from Sew Lux Fabrics.

I have now finished all of the blocks, so I just need to put them together...

My flying geese turned into:

The final mystery block was this sewing machine that I can't seem to flip the picture of... oh well.  You get the idea...

And all together, my stack looks like:

So, my goal is to assemble this little quilt, and quilt-er up!

I haven't decided HOW to quilt it yet... I'm really itching to get good at FMQ, but I am always to scared I'm going to wreck something to keep working on it...

Since this ended up being sewing-themed, so I can't really use it anywhere in my house except my sewing room, maybe I'll be brave... although that matchstick quilting sure ends up looking COOL... I might like to give that a try... ???

We'll see...

Second Goal:  I've bought a Pippa Peplum Pattern to participate in the see kate sew sew-along.  I have the fabric picked too... some various purple prints from JoAnne's... for my daughter.

Third Goal:  My 5 year old plays a little sea animal that makes an appearance in our MS's production of Little Mermaid Junior.  I'll be outfitting her in something... she's thinking PINK DOLPHIN.  I'm thinking peplum top, stretch pants, padded tail train skirt, and arm fins?

Fourth:  I'm participating in a BOM sew-along class from Piles of Fabric.    Technically, I haven't chosen the fabric yet, so I'm sort of jumping the gun on the Littlest Thistle rules, but January is choosing colors and fabric, so I"m on.  My goal is to keep up with that... to have Jan and Feb done by March. :)

When I started writing this, I didn't think I had much to write about... I guess I did!  Lotsa sewing ahead...
Sounds great!

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  1. Good luck with the list, and the quilting decisions for #1 :o)


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