Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Penelope Peplum Top

So, I did it... a few weeks ago...

I sewed the Penelope Peplum Top... pattern from See Kate Sew (http://seekatesew.com/) .  I made the top for my little one... she's also got a pattern available for adults with three different skirt and sleeve lengths.  I opted for the 3/4 length top... I tried to make full length sleeves, but was not thinking about the shape of the given pattern right when I cut, so they ended up being the perscribed length.  My daughter is a long bodied girl, so I added two or so inches to the body of the top... glad that I did.  It's a great length for feeling like she's wearing a dress... hangs just to the bottom of her butt in stretch pants.

I used purple fabric from JoAnne's... two different prints... although in my shot, it looks gray...

The sew was fun... who doesn't love a full skirt... even if it's not really one?  And, my daughter loves to twirl in it.  It's a winner.  I bought more knit with plans to make more!

Learning Curve:
1.  Singer needles do not work well in my machine
2.  When the thread breaks over and over, maybe it's because your stretch needle is for very fine thread...
3.  Also thread the side winder correctly to make sure the bobbin works properly
4.  I've never done a top facing before... good deal!  that works SLICK.
5.  Top stitch gathers... with my poor tension due to a bad needle choice and old thread, they're already coming out after one day of wear... whoops!
6.  Amazon Prime Movies are great companions for long sewing projects with lots of frustration.. when you're watching a good movie, extra work doesn't matter so much!!!

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